Netball for Beginners – Everything you need to know about Netball

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A popular sport in Commonwealth countries (such as the UK, New Zealand and Australia), netball is a ball sport played by two teams of seven players. This fun, no-contact game was once known as “women’s basketball” and was brought to England from America in the 1900s. Interesting, yeah? Netball is played on a hard court […]

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Tag: The Game for everybody

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Now you already know what this is all about! As one of the safest sports with minimal contact, Tag Rugby is an all-inclusive game that welcomes everyone, no matter your age or gender. Tag Rugby has been a key part of the New Zealand sports community ever since it was introduced way back in the […]

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The Ball Store – Premier Ball & Equipment Supplier in New Zealand

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Over a very short period of time, word about “The Ball Store” has spread around New Zealand like wildfire. Its wide range of premier balls and sports gear at competitive prices has ignited the hearts of sportsmen across numerous sporting tribes. From rugby and football, to netball, basketball, and volleyball, to even futsal and tag […]

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The Ball Store