The Ball Store: One-stop shop for all kinds of sports equipment.

Welcome back Kiwis! Ready to be mesmerized by the range of our products at The Ball Store? You already know that The Ball Store has it all under one roof to help you shop for your sports products from your favorite brands.

Without further ado, let’s get to know more about the range of products and the services that we offer at The Ball Store.

What is The Ball Store?

The Ball Store is a one-stop shop for all kinds of sports equipment that you require, and we also offer products from the most respected brands in the world. Our portfolio of products includes LOTTO, Gilbert, SAS SPORT, Molten, Steeden Kookaburra and many more.

So, whatever the sports equipment that you need, you can get it through The Ball Store.

What do we offer?

From Sports Gear to backpacks to balls to whistles! We provide the best of everything. Not only that! We guarantee a good service when installing our sports equipment if needed. We are here to assist you in any need.

We have made your online shopping experience with us even easier now by having shortcut keys to our range of products on the Homepage itself!

What are the sports equipment we have?

We have the most extensive range of quality products for each and every sport. Be it athletics, squash or Water polo, all you have to do is visit The Ball Store

Products to suit your school sports teams or clubs and even your social gatherings with sports events.

Does your Football club need training gear or some top grade match balls fast? At a very good price too? The Ball provides you the best wholesale sports equipment from the best brands and for affordable prices.

What services do we have?

Not only do we offer products, but we also extend our services to any customer who needs it. If you need to set up a couple of posts or even to repair your football goal post net, we are one call away!

Let us also tell you another interesting fact, we also offer customised sports equipment!

If your school team is going for a tournament and you want your teamwear customised ASAP? We got that!

You want to label and customise all your sports equipment from basketballs to hockey sticks? Still, we got your back. We customise all your school or club sports equipment to suit your requirements.

What’s more? Visit our website and shop with The Ball store and get your sports dreams fulfilled: