Why do you need to come to THE BALL STORE ?


Why shop at THE BALL STORE?

New day, new week!
With many places finally opened up and restrictions lifted, Kiwi’s around the country are out
and about and looking at more ways to connect in their communities. We couldn’t be happier
about this!
We love how sport brings people together and here at The Ball Store we want to do our best to
make that happen. That is why we’ve spent so many hours researching and developing our
products to bring you the best deals!

The biggest reason for why we do what we do is to bring the
community together. Auckland is such a vibrant city, full of culture and diversity and that is why
we chose her as the perfect place to launch our brand. Since then we have been working to
make our products available across the country and create more ways that you can improve
your skills in the sport you love by providing you with the best equipment to learn and grow
We offer a wide variety of amazing balls to choose from. Whether you love to play, basketball,
football, tennis, rugby, volleyball, netball or any other sport, at The Ball Store we work with
manufacturers that use the highest quality materials to create the kind of product that will
elevate your playing experience. We want you to be able to learn and grow your skills while
enjoying your favourite game.
You might wonder how such a high quality product can be so competitively priced. The truth is
we partner up with companies around the world that have the same standards and ethics as we
do and we work with them to produce the best balls for each sport. The Ball Store is made up of
a [G2] team specialised in sport that knows each game well and is passionate about improving
your game experience. Our prices are competitive because we want to make sport accessible
and fun for everyone.
Not comfortable being out and about but would still like to purchase from us? Not a problem!
All our amazing products are available right from the comfort of your very home. The Ball Store
online catalogue is packed with all the vital information like, design and specs to help you find
the perfect ball for your game.
Not sure what exactly you are looking for? Our sports experts would be happy to chat to you
and give you advice on what the best fit is for your sport. You can place your order with us and
we will work around the clock to make sure you receive it. If there are any concerns related to
your order, feel free to reach out to us and we will get back to you with a solution
If you are looking to buy something and need a bit of time before making the decision we can
also assist.
We all know how important specs can be when buying sports equipment and having
to double check them is completely normal. In this situation it is best to speak to your personal
Ball Store rep and get their advice on how best to go about it. Some products are specially
ordered and a little understanding on what is possible with leaving them on reserve is
appreciated! At the end of the day, we want to make sure we serve you the best way we can
and get you the quality sports balls you’ve been looking for.

Ready to get your sports journey started? Get on to https://theballstore.co.nz/ and have a look
at all the great products and deals we have on offer to find the perfect fit for you

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