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The Ball Store

G’day Folks,

This year has been different! In case you’ve been living under a rock (in which case, stay right where you are for social distancing)
you know the Government put New Zealand under lockdown and closed all non-essential businesses.
Why? All to fight the Covid-19 pandemic sweeping the globe. Crikey!

With everything that is going on, We’d like to draw your attention to The Ball Store. The premier sports ball
supplier in New Zealand is ploughing ahead in these uncertain times by providing quality service to its
customers in the greater Auckland area. The Ball Store has announced its entrance into the market and it is
here to stay!
The Ball Store is the Premier sports ball provider in New Zealand which means that our daily goals entail
providing YOU the very best service in catering to your sporting needs and going above and beyond in putting
a smile on people’s faces.
Under the auspice of SAS SPORT, the leading sportswear supplier in New Zealand; And their continuous quest
for growth and excellence, SAS SPORT grabbed the opportunity to branch out into a new sphere of service.
This vision gave birth to The Ball Store!
The Ball Store boasts an impressive portfolio of top-quality brands such as Lotto, SAS SPORT, Gilbert, Molten,
Steeden and Kookaburra; Whilst providing sports equipment from Rugby to Netball and everything in
Why does The Ball Store exist? Simple! We offer our customers a service that no one on the planet can offer.
You see, on the Ball Store platform we strive to provide you with sporting goods for every single athletic
competition at competitive prices. If you do not find it at the Ball Store you won’t find it elsewhere.
The Ball Store has an identity and invariably a perception of our position in the market. Out of our unique
identity will flow every fiber of our company’s DNA; And that DNA will be consistent through the entire
experience of each of our customers.
In a sports market that consistently screams “survival of the fittest”, The Ball Store has elevated its brand to
the top of the food chain and plans to stay there for yonks!
You can check out The Ball Store by clicking on the link below:
To continue its appeal to the masses, The Ball Store is running this amazing campaign:


This jaw dropping, beaut of an offer is for a limited time only – so, rattle your dags and jump on the
The details of the offer are as follows:
✔ The offer applies for SAS SPORT and Lotto branded balls ONLY
✔ As the flyer indicates, buy 10 of any of the top tier items and save $50 on each order
✔ Buy 10 SAS netballs or basketballs at $17.50 and save $25 on each order
✔ All queries and transactions are done online by visiting our website
*Delivery applicable for all orders within New Zealand
Read the FAQ’s here 

Once this pandemic blows over and sport is ready to take the field again – there will be this renewed sense of
unity and bond that sport will bring to the world. More so than any sporting spectacle we’ve witnessed in the
An athlete will rightly tell you that the sense of belonging they feel towards their teammates comes primarily from dawning their team jersey, standing side by side and singing their anthems. An athlete will also tell you that to go out and compete at the highest level in sport, they need to be confident in the tools they possess.
That’s why we at The Ball Store will continue to make these moments of competition and unity all the more
special by providing athletes and their teams the very best in quality products and service for many years to

The Ball Store